Fold With Feeling (ebook)

A pdf version of my second publication from 1997, printed by Sandy Boyd, at the time the Supplies Secretary of the British Origami Society. I was delighted that he let me choose a lovely textured brown paper for the cover, sadly you can’t feel this on the pdf. The collection has 32 pages of my designs, mostly simple to intermediate, with the odd touch of wet-folding recommended. In retrospect, there are a million things I’d change if I redid it, but it’s here, warts & all;)

Tree / Space Shuttle / Crab / Pureland Bird / Before And After Origami / Elephant’s Head / Freising Cube / Book Marks / Mountain 2 / Star Shell / Toad / Nicky’s Envelope / Z Dish / Face / Flower Form / Beaks / Wallet / Dogs Head / Fly / Dish 5 / Heart of Origami