Origami - a Step by Step guide : Robert Harbin

A first edition of this classic collection from 1974. Good condition, library stamp & ref number inside, plastic sleeve around the dust jacket. Every serious folder needs to own this book, if only to see what amazing (and complex) work Pat Crawford was producing in the 60s. Forget the soft-cover reprint, this is the copy you need.

What they say:

“This easy-to-follow guide contains all the information paperfolders need to create inspired origami models — from learning basic folds to successfully completing a rich assortment of intricate figures. Readers will find hundreds of detailed, step-by-step diagrams and illustrations of finished paper art that will enable even beginners to fashion such simple objects as a flower, a Japanese box, and a church.

Experienced paperfolders can hone their skills on such challenging projects as a squirrel on a log, birds in a nest, and a full-masted sailing ship. Among the projects is a selection of wonderfully constructed figures by origamist Patricia Crawford that will test the abilities of even the most competent paperfolders. In all, over 30 entertaining and inventive projects — including a mermaid, a kangaroo, a film star, a stalking cat, a unicorn, a tetrahedron, and more — will delight origami fans of all ages and abilities. Once basic folds and methods have been mastered, folders can attempt original models on their own with ease.”



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