The Magic Of Origami

By Kunihiko Kasahara and Lillian Oppenheimer 

Published in 1985 by Japan Publications. Reviews the classical traditions and modern innovations of the Japanese art of paper folding and provides instructions for scores of attractive creations. An essential collection for a budding folder. Used but in excellent condition throughout.

Catcher’s mitt Traditional
Nurse’s cap Kunihiko Kasahara
Letterfold Traditional
Letterfold or needle-case Christopher Birch
Leaping frog Traditional
Boomerang plane George Jarschauer
Dory Traditional
Box Giuseppe Baggi
Furniture Marie Ebert
Basket Jack J. Skillman
Rabbit napkin fold Traditional
Boot – napkin fold Traditional
Bow tie Traditional
Lover’s knot Traditional
Fish Traditional
Heart letterfold Alice Gray
Alligator Kunihiko Kasahara
Crane Traditional
Flapping bird Traditional
Flapping crane Traditional
Pop star Traditional
Snail Toshio Chino
Rabbit Toshio Chino
Lily (slight variation) Traditional
Iris Traditional
Frog Traditional
Bell Traditional
Square ornament with shelves Giuseppe Baggi
Diamond-shaped ornament with shelves Giuseppe Baggi
Outside-inside ornament Molly Kahn
Crystal tree ornament John M. Nordquist
Eight vaned tree ornament Molly Kahn
Stirrup ornament Molly Kahn
Drop-shaped ornament Rae Cooker
Strawberry ornament Alice Gray
Lemon-shaped ornament Alice Gray
Zig-zag tree ornament Alice Gray
Octahedron Robert Neale


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