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  1. Hi!
    I’m glad that you liked it. This is the 2º run of Projeto Giramundo.

    The first run started when we saw a fabric sculpture called Flor de Mandacaru and Daniel Thomás – member of Origami Manaus Group and mathematician – discovered that using your A4 Rhombic module – 60 modules to be correct – was possible to do an origami version of that sculpture.
    So Claudia Lucca aka Cáu – member of Origami Manaus Group too – had an idea to make this origami model with many hands. She made an open invitation to the brazillian origami community and many of us had jump in. It was a complete success in march/2009.

    Now, it is the second run. And is managed by Aline Gomes Ribeiro via Facebook Group called ‘Eu Giro o Mundo’
    The idea is the same: After the open invitation, many folders send the 60 Giramundo modules to her. With all the modules, she redistribuits all in the way that each participant has the modules of the others. So, each participant has a Giramundo folded by many hands, not just by his/her own.
    The second run is almost over now. The folders are assembling the models and taking pictures of their Giramundo.


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