Published designs

Here is an (incomplete) list of my origami designs that has been published over the years. Many thanks to all the editors concerned for helping me share my designs. Of course, being published is no indication of quality (some of my earlier work doesn’t thrill me!) , but it’s rewarding none the less! Needless to say, there are several (OK, thousands) of my designs published in my own books and quite a few in various Convention Books, but I’ve lost track of those, not that the world stops turning 😉


Hexagon StarVarious 80’s West Coast Origami Guild Proceedings
VampireVarious 80’s West Coast Origami Guild Proceedings
FrogVarious 80’s West Coast Origami Guild Proceedings
BedVarious 80’s West Coast Origami Guild Proceedings
PinwheelVarious 80’s West Coast Origami Guild Proceedings
Petal UnitVarious 80’s West Coast Origami Guild Proceedings
Star UnitFriends Magazine
WalletFriends Magazine
Flower FormThe Paper #77
Sailboat 2The Paper #101
BookmarkOrigami: Gay Gross
Jack in the boxThe Art of Origami: Gay Gross
WalletThe Art of Origami: Gay Gross
SailboardOrigami in Action: Robert Lang
WoodpeckerOrigami in Action: Robert Lang
BookmarkThe Kids How to do Almost Anything Book: Murray Suid
Rhombic Dodecahedron CalendarRobert Little Public School Activity Book
TadpoleBugagami: Jeff Ritzky
Various PlanesTearPlanes: Jeff Rutzky
Baby Bird 2The Paper #103
Bird FeederThe Paper #104
Snow CubeThe Paper #105
Sue’s FlapperThe Paper #117


Star shellA Arte dos Mestres de Origami: Mari Kanegae
BookmarkA Arte dos Mestres de Origami: Mari Kanegae


Lazy WinstonBritish Origami 115
A4 MouseBritish Origami 115
Dish 2British Origami 115
CrownBritish Origami 130
60o BoxBritish Origami 130
45o Star UnitBritish Origami 133
30o Star UnitBritish Origami 133
A4 ButterflyBritish Origami 141
V UnitBritish Origami 144
BirdnBritish Origami 147
BeakyBritish Origami 150
Tweedledum & TweedledeeBritish Origami 157
Cheshire CatBritish Origami 159
4 step ElephantBritish Origami 161
CrabBritish Origami 162
3 step headBritish Origami 162
3 Step HatBritish Origami 163
Minimal birdBritish Origami 167
Happy & SadBritish Origami 172
Star shellBritish Origami 176
3d Cube illusionBritish Origami 178
Elephant headBritish Origami 178
Flower formBritish Origami 181
Norton FlyerBritish Origami 185
ConcordeBritish Origami 199
XYZmbeBritish Origami 209
Bear climbing a treeBritish Origami 212
T RexBritish Origami 218
Daisy EnvelopeBritish Origami 221
Brummy DishBritish Origami 225
Four CandlesBritish Origami 226
Fir Tree tesselationBritish Origami 229
Around the Houses (with Mick Guy)British Origami 231
Dish 30British Origami 233
Ruby UnitBritish Origami 256
Cat That Got The CreamBritish Origami 316
My Heart Reaches Out To YouBritish Origami 322
Baby BirdOne Dozen Folds: N.Robinson
HexahedronOne Dozen Folds: N.Robinson
Star UnitClassic Origami: P.Jackson
ChatterboxRupert Annual 1991
Jester’s HatRupert Annual 1993
BoxPaperfolding For Xmas: R.Matthews
CrownUsborne Book Of Origami: K.Needham
My Heart Reaches OutHearts 3D: D.Petty
BoatCOET 91
CandleCOET 91
DogCOET 91
BookmarkCOET 91
6 point starCOET 91
Heart CubeHearts 3D: D.Petty
5 point starDiscover Origami: Rick Beech
5 point starStep by Step Origami: Paul Jackson
TwirlyChampionship Paper Planes: Paul Jackson
Winking CrabOrigami to delight & Amaze : David Petty
Daisy’s envelopeJohn Cunliffe, Ehrengast – ELFA booklet
Daisy’s envelopeOrigami: 30 Fold-by-Fold Projects : Paulo Mulatinho
Concorde (photo)Masters Of Origami catalogue
various designsPaper Aiplanes : David Mitchell
Sue’s FlapperOrigami Europe


ElephantE Comme Elephantorigami: Alain Georgeot
Hairy ManLe Pli 49
Roll UpLe Pli 49
EnvelopeLe Pli 51
WalletLe Pli 51
Cheshire CatLe Pli 54
Dum/DeeLe Pli 54
SealLe Pli 58
Greek HelmetLe Pli 61
ToadLe Pli 96
Star DishLe Pli 98
Star form 2Le Pli 105
Dissection PuzzleOrigamis magiques et Amusants (Editions Atlas)
VampireOrigamis magiques et Amusants (Editions Atlas)
4 Pointed StarOrigamis Geants (Editions Atlas)
Escher FishOrigamis Geants (Editions Atlas)
ToadOrigamis Geants (Editions Atlas)
WalletOrigamis Geants (Editions Atlas)
T Rex27 Nouveux Origamis Geants (Editions Atlas)
Ali’s Dish27 Nouveux Origamis Geants (Editions Atlas)
Talking Dog27 Nouveux Origamis Geants (Editions Atlas)
CD Case30 Origamis Poour S’amuser (Editions Atlas)


Daisy’s EnvelopeDer Falter 3
FrogDer Falter 8
Cheshire CatDer Falter 10
Dum/DeeDer Falter 10
Happy & SadDer Falter 16
Dish 6Der Falter 16
Flower FormDer Falter 20
Arrow tesselationDer Falter 36
Escher Fish tesselationDer Falter 36
Fir Tree tesselationDer Falter 41
DogDas Diagramm 10
Simple catDas Diagramm 10
Canal BoatDas Diagramm 11
BeakyDas Diagramm 11
BookmarkDas Diagramm 12
Cheshire CatDas Diagramm 15
WalletDas Diagramm 16
Daisy’s EnvelopeDas Diagramm 16
6 pointed StarDas Diagramm 17
Greek helmetDas Diagramm 18
LighterDas Diagramm 18
Rude DevilSpiel & Spass mit Origami: Paulo Mulatinho
Daisy’s EnvelopePfiffiges Origami: Paulo Mulatinho
Flower FormOrigami neue ideen: Paulo Mulatinho
various designsPapierfliegern : Nick Robinson
Wentworth BowlDer Falter 46
Giraffe, Space ShuttleFeine Falterei


VampireSzorakatenusz Origami Kor Kecskemet
45o Star UnitSzorakatenusz Origami Kor Kecskemet
30o Star UnitSzorakatenusz Origami Kor Kecskemet
Frog, TreeKecskemet 1994
3D Cuboid illusion, BoatMOK Hungarian magazine 2004-1


1 & 2-Piece TetrahedronQuadrato Magico
Escher FishQuadrato Magico 69
Escher Fish tesselationQuadrato Magico 70
Green ManQuadrato Magico 70
FrogCDO Magazine 18
Star UnitOrigami Il Canto Dell Usignolo Renzo Zanoni


VampireNipponese Origami 140
Rhombic DodecahedronUnit Origami 3: Tomoko Fuse
Rude DevilOru #2
CandleNipponese Origami 232
Space ShuttleNipponese Origami 235
Freising cubeWonderful Origami : Kunihiko Kasahara
Star DishNipponese Origami 359
Dish 27Origami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
Dish 30Origami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
ConcordeOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
BloodhoundOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
SkunkOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
Locked planeOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
Escher Fish TesselationOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
Baby BirdOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
Ali’s DishOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
Goin’ DownOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
PoppadomOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
Bear climbing a treeOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
A4 Rhombic unitOrigami Tanteidan Convention book Vol.11
A4 Rhombic unitNipponese Origami 491
Cheshir Cat & WitchNipponese Origami 530


Freising CubeWonderful Origami by Kunihiko Kasahara
Triangular BoxJongi Nara magazine 2021


Hound, BirdHet Voublad
Space ShuttleHet Voublad
JetHet Voublad
FrogHet Voublad
Adjustable BeltHet Voublad
50’s Saloon CarHet Voublad
DishHet Voublad
Dog’s HeadHet Voublad
ElephantHet Voublad
BedHet Voublad
Hexagon StarThe Origami Collection
Xmas DecorationOri-magazine 59
Hanger UnitOri Magazine 59
Christmas Star-flowerOri Magazine 59
Greek HelmetOri Magazine 63
WoodpeckerVouw & Plooi 6
Heart of OrigamiVouw & Plooi 7
Twist BlossomVouw & Plooi 7
StegosaurusVouw & Plooi 7
Dish #6Vouw & Plooi 7
Heart BoxVouw & Plooi 10
Cube IllusionVouw & Plooi 11
Harlequin ShirtVouw & Plooi 28
Bear climbing a treeOrison 2006 3
CD coverMinori 3 2006
Light HeartedOrison 2007 1
Locked BoxOrison 2008 4
MammothOrison 2009 3
CD coverOrison 2009 4
Ruby moduleOrison 2010 3
Parnassus DishOrison 2010 6
Half a Fir TreeOrison 2011 6
Labyrinth DishOrison 2012 1
BatOrison 2012 5
ElephantOrison 2015 4
Hound DogOrison 2018 6
A4 Rhombic UnitOrison 2018 3
A4 Rhombic Unit (!)Orison 2020 3
WitchOrison 2021 5


Double-sided HeartMore Origami Hearts: Francis Ow
Heart On PyramidMore Origami Hearts: Francis Ow


Twin CubePapiroflexia Basica: V.Palacios
TrayPapiroflexia Basica: V.Palacios
Twin CubeEl Benjamin
TrayEl Benjamin
Caseta de perroPajarita 18
Twin CubePajarita 23
TrayPajarita 23
CubetaPajarita 24
Vampire BatPajarita 32
SealPajarita Extraordinaro 87
SpannerPajarita 35
Hairy ManPajarita 36
2 planesEl libro de los aviones de papel plegado
Fan ShellPajarita 105
Boat 2Pajarita 105