Review: Day of the Dead

A curious tale. My younger brother is a fan of “skip-ratting”, checking through to see if anything of interest has been thrown out. He has discovered some extraordinary finds; parts of a spitfire, old blueprints, Edwardian tools, all kinds of things. Recently he spotted a copy of this book (mint condition) and so dutifully passed it on to me.

Flicking through, I spotted a design of mine in there! The “Wentworth Bowl”, thankfully properly credited. I’m sure they asked permission and I would have happily given it. I just don’t remember! Maybe they also have similar problems to myself with publishers unwilling to pay for copies to be sent to contributors ;(

Written by “Matthew Gardiner or Stephen Casey” it’s an appealing package, but the 60 pages of instructions have been bulked out by 90 pages of pull-out paper. My beef with these is that once the paper is extracted, the spine will collapse. The diagrams and models were created and drawn by the two authors and are very consistent. The models are fun. The patterned paper is on theme and eye-catching, but may make folding more difficult.