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  1. I recently picked up a hardback copy of Randlett’s The Best of Origami: New Models By Contemporary Folders for a song, which has been great fun. Many great models, nice commentary by Randlett, and an intro by Martin Gardner. Highly recommended if one can snag a copy at a reasonable price.

  2. These books were the serious launchpad for my obsession with origami. I was limited to a couple of “kids” books (the Shari Lewis/Lillian Oppenheimer books and Maying Soong’s book), and felt frustrated. I asked my librarian (I was around ten or eleven at the time) whether there were more books available, and she asked me “did you try the adult section?”
    *blink blink* there was an ADULT section?
    This epiphany led me to BOTH Randlett books as well as James Sakoda’s “Modern Origami”.
    The rest, they say, is history.

  3. This reminds me of when I spend a few days with Sam and Thelma in Milwaukee back in 1980 ( a trip where I met amongst others, Alice Grey, Lillian Oppenheimer, Michael Shall, David Shall and Trish Troy Truit). Sam showed me his collection of books (hard to miss as they were piled 3 feet high all over he house), the fat ladies in Milwaukee Zoo(!), played ravels concerto for the left hand, and I went to a birthday party with Fancy the clown ( Thelma’s alter ego!). We also paid host to Thelma for a few days when she visited the UK a few months before she sadly died.

    Great memories!

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