130 New Iris Folded Cards to Make


Iris folding is a simple technique that involves folding papers to create beautiful, spiralling patterns that are similar in shape to the iris aperture of a camera. In this book, Maruscha Gaasenbeek shares with you her love of iris folding, providing templates and clear instructions for 130 beautiful greetings cards based on iris-folded designs. It combines three previously published books by the same author: Iris Folding With Love, Iris Folding For Fun and Iris Folding a Full Year, and represents a fantastic source of inspiration and ideas for cards for all occasions.


Have fun recycling any colorful papers you have and make some delightful greetings cards. Iris folding is one of the most tenacious of cardmaking techniques; other trends come and go but there is something special about being able to make something out of practically nothing! This a compendium of three of those wee square books published by Forte Uitgevers in the Netherlands that virtually all cardmakers know and love. Iris Folding For Fun takes color as a theme and shows what can be done by sorting your papers into groups by color. Make cards depicting Chinese lanterns, hedgehogs, matruskas, clogs, Christmas baubles and more for an eye-popping, vibrant look that is sure to appeal to the young and young at heart. Iris Folding With Love focuses on cards for special occasions such as good luck, new baby, driving test pass, invitation and more. Finally, Iris Folding: A Full Year features items that can be decorated for different seasons rather than occasions. Fill vases and buckets with punched-out spring and summer flowers or have them growing around a garden gnome, depict a graceful swan or daffodil, make an autumnal chestnut or a Christmas candle. At the start of each mini book you can find instructions on how it is done if you are a beginner, and you are sure to find plenty to inspire you whatever your level or experience.-Myshelf.com