Complete Origami – Eric Kenneway


A superb and collectable book written by origami academic & historian, the late Eric Kenneway. Drawn from his series of A_Z articles in the British Origami magazine, this is an encyclopaedia of models, techniques and other essential origami facts.

The book opens with an introduction to origami symbols and maneuvers, and then dives into alphabetical entries for all things origami. The entries are illustrated by pictures, drawings and diagrams for mostly traditional models, but also more modern gems such as Max Hulme’s magnificent Jack-in-the-box, and E.D Sullivan’s Bluebeard’s castle. Also included are some more obscure ways of folding, with even hats, turbans and nappy-folding instructions!

Long out of print an essential for any serious folder. As new condition, hardback with dust jacket. 192 pages.

Full review & contents here.