Fold With Feeling (ebook)


A pdf version of my second publication from 1997, printed by Sandy Boyd, at the time the Supplies Secretary of the British Origami Society. I was delighted that he let me choose a lovely textured brown paper for the cover, sadly you can’t feel this on the pdf.┬áThe collection has 32 pages of my designs, mostly simple to intermediate, with the odd touch of wet-folding recommended. In retrospect, there are a million things I’d change if I redid it, but it’s here, warts & all;)

Tree / Space Shuttle / Crab / Pureland Bird / Before And After Origami / Elephant’s Head / Freising Cube / Book Marks / Mountain 2 / Star Shell / Toad / Nicky’s Envelope / Z Dish / Face / Flower Form / Beaks / Wallet / Dogs Head / Fly / Dish 5 / Heart of Origami