Geometrical Folds – Francis Ow (ebook)


The late Francis Ow is a legendary creator of geometric designs. Before he became well-known for a huge number of “heart” models, he concentrated on geometrical models, influenced by the work of Philip Shen. Using both squares and hexagons, these models utilise pre-creasing and are a delight to fold. Some may need a few “repeats” before you make an impressive example.┬áThe book includes an introduction and guides to locating 3rds / 5ths / 7ths / 9ths and folding Hexagons / Triangles / Pentagons / Octagons.

This is the first in a series of reprints of self-published booklets that Francis wrote during the 1980s. Every page has been lovingly scanned and cleaned by hand. You can find more about his work on his website (which I curate)