How to be a Wizard by Robert Harbin


172 pages 14 x 21.5 cm softback Publisher : Oldbourne; First Edition (1957). Not a lot about folding paper, but a fascinating curio for magicians and Harbin followers. Decent condition although the cover is starting to come off.

The Magicians Table
The Magic Hat
The Wizard’s Box
The Sorcerer’s Tube
The Egg & Handkerchief Mystery
A Peep Into Space
Cut & Restored
The Human Puzzle
The Slave Escapes
Another Escape
The World’s Fastest Escape
A Famous Card Trick
The Obedient Matchbox
The Chameleon Tube
Find The Bulls-eye
The Hankerchief & Matches
The Amazing Penetration
The Baffled Wizard
Force Of Gravity? Pooh!
The Mind-reader
The Prediction
The Spirits Are Here
The Atom Gun
The Vanishing Tumblers
Paper Tearing
Sugar & Spice
Bang!-Come Bang!-Go
The See-Through Box
Good Night!
The End!
How To Be In Two Places At The Same Time
The Vanishing Lady
Final Hints