Idiots guide to Paper Airplanes


I told myself, “no more books of paper planes”, but then, weak-willed fool that I am, I took this project on. Published by Alpha Books, part of the Penguin & Dorling Kindersley empire. The paper format is 8.5 x 11 inches but most will work from A4 with a small amount of twerking. Sorry, tweaking! It comes in a shrink-wrapped box (curiously, with no lid) with 80 sheets of patterned paper.

Each of the 20 designs include the level of folding difficulty, flight pattern, and “durability” levels. I also supplied all the photos in the book (and on the cover).

It’s almost impossible these days to say a given airplane design is original, but I created and/or adapted most of the designs. I was happy to include work by my dear old friend Florence Temko and my new friend Rob Snyder.

Nakamura Glider – Eiji Nakamura / Hawk / Needlenose / Javelin / Delta / Eagle / Skylark / Boomerang / Swallow / Hornet / Nightwing / Beaky / Manta / Fury (all by Nick Robinson) / Diamond Flyer – Rob Snyder / Moth – Florence Temko / Classic Dart / Canard / Flying Wing / Champion (Traditional)