Masters of Origami (Italian)


A collection of folds by some of my favourite creators. I’m delighted to share them with you! The text is Italian, but the diagrams are so superbly crafted you won’t need them 😉

This product is the book itself without the box (to save postage!) Limited stock available.

Cuckoo – Akira Yoshizawa
Simple Star – David Petty
Talking Frog – Nick Robinson
Stealth Fighter – Robert Lang
Fujimoto Cube – Shuzo Fujimoto
Nundo Grabbit – Edwin Corrie
Tumbleweed – Rob Foord
Dim Sum Bun – Michael LaFosse
Container – Francis Ow
Lonely Flower – Dasa Severova
Box & Lid – Tomoko Fuse
Dragonfly – Nguyen Hung Cuong
Tooth – Marc Kirshenbaum
Bistella – Francesco Guarnieri
Snail – Lee Armstrong
Fish – Román Díaz
Orca – John Montroll
Aberdeen Terrier – Eric Joisel
Rose & Stem – Ted Norminton
Book – David Brill