Middle Ground Origami (ebook)

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An amazing collection of designs by Seo Won-seon & Lee In-gyeong, which show their approach to intermediate level designs. The models offer a great challenge of both your technical an artistic skills. The book has previously been available only in Korean but Colortree had it lovingly translated into English. Be patient when downloading the file, since it is quite large! A printed version is available.

25 complex designs are included over 132 pages, so this is excellent value for money. You will need some large squares of paper though!

Anaconda / Goldfish / Flat Fish / Loach / Land Turtle / Balancing Dragonfly / Balancing Eagle / Crow / Parrot / Great Swan / Sleeping Cat / Rooster / Mouse / Yorkshire Terrier / Dachshund / Sheep / Rabbit / Monkey / Antelope Head / Bison / Elephant / Mammoth / Armadillo / Alicorn / Flying Dragon