Middle Ground Origami (print)


An amazing collection of designs by Seo Won-seon & Lee In-gyeong, which show their approach to intermediate level designs. The models offer a great challenge of both your technical an artistic skills. The book has previously been available only in Korean but Colortree had it lovingly translated into English by myself. A PDF version is available.

25 complex designs are included over 132 pages, so this is excellent value for money. You will need some large squares of paper though!

Anaconda / Goldfish / Flat Fish / Loach / Land Turtle / Balancing Dragonfly / Balancing Eagle / Crow / Parrot / Great Swan / Sleeping Cat / Rooster / Mouse / Yorkshire Terrier / Dachshund / Sheep / Rabbit / Monkey / Antelope Head / Bison / Elephant / Mammoth / Armadillo / Alicorn / Flying Dragon