My first Origami book – Paper Planes


Part of the Dover Publications “My FIRST Origami book” series, this is one of four volumes aimed at the younger folder (7 and upwards). I supplied the photographs used in this book as well as finished layout (including text) – one step closer to publishing my own book at some point! The book comes with a number of folding sheets bound in to the book. I’m not keen on this, but basically, it’s not my call!

All designs by created by myself except Logan’s Flayer (Logan Hinders), Twirly Bird (Kosho Uchiyama) and the Cuffe (Thomas Cuffe).

ISBN-10: 0486487075

Eagle / Twirly Bird / Flying Hoop / Hunter / Javelin / Mosquito / Snubnose / Sparrow / Star Fighter / Lockedin / Bevan / Logans Flyer / Steel City Flyer / Barnstormer / Duojet / Cuffe / Supersonic