One Dozen Folds (ebook)


A pdf version of my first ever “proper” publication, dating from (I think!) 1984. It was published via the BOS supplies officer Mike Bridges and is long out of print. Drawn using “old school” methods of pen and paper, the introduction gleefully explains it was “word-processed using wordperfect” (under DOS, of course!) I selected designs created by friends of mine and am delighted to say most of them have stood the test of time.

Drawing the 3D steps for Brill’s “Double Cube” was a real labour of love, but the design was/is so wonderful, it was all worth it. At the end of the book, I gave out contact addresses for all the creators (imagine doing that today!) and wrote a paragraph about what appealed to me about each design. 12 models (!), 36 pages, but I was so proud of it at the time.

Decoration by Ted Norminton / Hexahedron by Nick Robinson / Sports Car by Iris Walker / Medieval Lady by Thea Anning / Envelope by Paul Jackson / Candle by Jonathon Shapcott / Double Cube by David Brill / Fish Module by Francis Ow / Baby Bird by Nick Robinson / Ori-twist by Jeff Beynon / Ship Ahoy by Ted Darwin / Kermit by Mick Guy