Origami At Sea


A collection of 23 models (simple to intermediate with one complex!) that have a nautical theme, written and illustrated by Nick Robinson, author of 100+ books about origami. Available as an ebook (pdf) or printed. It includes an introduction, a guide to common folding symbols and a “what next?” page. It comes in a shelf-friendly A5 format and is the third in a series of similar, exciting collections.

Each model has a handy icon indicating whether the model will float or not! Mineral paper is an ideal material to fold with, you can buy it here.

Half Boat – Edwin Corrie / Catamaran – Maarten Van Gelder / Compass Rose – Max Hulme / Sailboat Envelope – Michael LaFosse / Boat For Two, Nick’s Boat, Speedboat, Sailboat, The Owl and the Pussycat, Yacht 3, Gaff Ketch – Nick Robinson / Fish – Stephen Palmer / Ocean Liner – Ted Darwin / Yacht / Mayflower / Catamaran / Fisherman’s Boat, Rowing Boat, Gondola, Sailboat 1, Sailboat 2, Sampan, Sailboard – Traditional