Origami Endangered Animals – Michael G. LaFosse

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Through the intricate art of origami, LaFosse and Alexander succeed in educating all ages about wildlife conservation and the importance of preserving our Earth’s endangered animals. Jack Hanna. A portion of the proceeds benefit wildlife conservation. An interactive way to foster appreciation and understanding of our planet’s endangered species! Origami Endangered Animals Kit, from master origami artists Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander, is designed to educate and entertain in equal measure. This origami kit includes everything you need: 48 large sheets of high-quality double-sided folding paper A full-colour 64-page instruction book Free online video demonstrations Educational notes about endangerment and threatened species.

The 12 animals featured in this kit range from the diminutive Macaque to the massive Blue Whale, and also include the Leopard, the Rhinoceros, the Macaque, the Gorilla, the Sea Turtle, the Tiger, the Elephant, the Great White Shark, the Blue Whale, the Emperor Penguin, the Giant Panda and the Australian Sea Lion. These fun-to-fold paper animals are an ideal way to bring natural beauty into your home or office, while also highlighting the plight of endangered wildlife species. Animal figures are the most popular form of origami, and now anyone can use them to learn more about these important species.