Origami In Transit


A collection of envelope and letter-folds, aimed at beginners with a love of folded containers! Some are from squares, the others from A4 rectangles, but which can be adapted to (for example) US paper size. A printed version of the book will be available in the New Year.

Includes Folding Tips, Folding Symbols, a brief history of envelopes, What makes a good envelope? Folding thirds and What to do next.

Grand Cat by Michel Grand, Sailboat by Michael G. LaFosse, Andersen by Simon Andersen, Infinity / House by Edwin Corrie, Lauinger / Mehlem by Doris Lauinger, Noble by Philip Noble, Oblique / Simple / Explode are by designers unknown. Lewis by Robinson / Wayne Brown. All others are by the author, although similar origami designs can be (and may already have been) created independently.