SOB – Society for Origami in Britain

The Origami Fun team have noticed that several origami societies in the world have had rival organisations to contend with. These have inevitably lead to improvements and added commitment to all involved. Since Origami Fun has had no such alternative groups to deal with, we thought we’d start one, just to help them along. Here are the pertinent details.

The SOB is a quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation, loosely based on precepts set down by the Organisation of Marxists-Leninists of Greece. As such, we acknowledge no leader and refute the validity of both president and treasurer.

No actual meetings are planned or envisaged, on a regular basis. This is to save time, money, biscuits and effort. We meet virtually on an internet chatroom whenever the planets are propitiously aligned.

We produce no magazine four times per year. It is in full colour, 72 pages per issue and has a free DVD with each issue.

Membership is by invitation only. If you have to write to us asking to join, you’re not the sort of person we want in our society. Naturally, a prior membership of POPPADOM® is a pre-requisite. Membership is for life plus eternity.

One of the easiest ways to spot to SOBs is to watch their handshake. This secret and sacred ritual is a joy to behold. But if you did behold it, we’d need to “dispose” of you, so don’t look at this photo.

Famous Members
Naturally, the society is well stocked with notable and egregious members, all of whom have ticked the “no publicity” box, so we can’t name them. Trust us, they are all people you’d like to be stuck in a lift with.