Sorry, me old Bucko

Life is rarely dull with email – I had another interesting exchange recently with a character (allegedly) called “Vinson Bucko”. (It sounds like an anagram, but I haven’t cracked it, if it is.) So, the first message was;

“I was wondering if you could design a unit for me and create an
exclusive diagram of it for me.”

I asked for more details;

“I mean you would design an modular origami and create a diagram of it that you would send to me.”

I suggested it might be an expensive process. He replied;

“How much do you want for it”

I suggested $5000 would be a suitable fee. His concise reply was;


End of communications. Almost surreal, don’t you think? Both his name and email bring no useful google results, so I’m certain it’s someone winding me up, or at least, trying to. Next time, try harder 😉