Envelopeners have been with us for some time now and despite some reservations, have slowly worked their way into the “essential equipment” list for many paper-folders. You can use them just as easily with A0 paper as with smaller squares and it’s almost impossible to injure yourself using them..

They do have a tendency not to work every time, but a 90% success rate is good enough for me. During classes I wear mine around my neck – an origami dog tag perhaps and it’s a great conversational item as well as almost magical (when it works).

My current favoured opener-of-choice is neither the Versnick, nor the BOS branded version, but that obtained from Viereck-Verlag, with the world’s most stylish neck band, created for the Träume Aus Händen exhibition organised by the Origami Galerie. You can buy these here for a solitary euro.

I’m sure there are people out there collecting these devices – anyone brave enough to admit it?


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