The things we do for love (sorry, cash) — 6 Comments

    • That’s the author, but not the artist who created the rabbit – you’d have to buy the book and read the credits…

      Nobody seems to have the slightest idea, yet it’s a VERY famous author and not me!

  1. OK …OK …I confess. It was me!
    I can’t remember much about it these 25-years later, but to the best of my recollection, I was told someone was writing a story in which a napkin rabbit was the hero and would I design it. t was probably an afternoon’s work, a hundred quid and onto the next masterpiece.
    In these jobs, in which someone has already decided they want a specific something, one just does one’s professional best, knowing that if one says ‘no thank you’, one loses one’s work to some oik Oop Noarth. 🙂
    Paul Jackson (for it was him)

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