There’s a plaice for us, somewhere a..

I’m currently working on creating an iguana for a client. It’s going to be a multi-piece solution, with separate head, body and legs. The head has been the most challenging, but as is often the case, working towards a specific target has produced unexpected results in another area.

I’m using a variant on a fish base (see CP, right) to provide a slightly open mouth at one end and the rear flaps folded forward, opened and squashed to produce eyes. I noticed at some point that there was the basis for a simple and elegant fish, shown in the photo.

The upper and lower corners can also be sunk (and easily locked together) to create quite a streamlined shape. I don’t yet have a location for the internal diamond (created by folding corner to corner twice, then folding over the right-angled corner) and it interesting that even subtle vaiations create noticeably different results.