There’s a Plaice for us, somewhere… — 8 Comments

  1. I browsed here just for the halibut and– holy mackerel– what an opportunaty to experience some great whiting! I hope I haven’t been too forward and made a bass of myself, but I’m not one to be koi.

    On a serious note: I also make handmade journals my homemade book press, which was very easy to construct, turns out to be fabulous for pressing flat origami. I just use hand-clamps, which exert 600-1000 pounds of force, but I also have one made with a bottle-jack that can exert many tons. That’d flatten them fish.

    • darn – some good puns I missed out on there. a press would have been brilliant – some unkind soul suggested I could have just sat on them for 3 minutes ;(

  2. Hallo, Nick, I could have helped you to flatten the fish – by sitting on them for a few moments … Why didn’t you ask me?

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