I’ve used OUSA’s excellent new online diagram vending system to dip my toes into e-publishing.

It’s something I hoped the BOS would implement first, but I’ve just not pushed hard enough due to lack of mental energy. We will be getting there soon through thanks to the sterling efforts of Paul Hanson.

So, my first e-book is a republishing of my first ever booklet,  “One Dozen Folds” and you can buy it here – 12 excellent designs by a variety of folders.

DECORATION by Ted Norminton
SPORTS CAR by Iris Walker
MEDIEVAL LADY by Thea Anning
HEXAHEDRON by Nick Robinson
CANDLE by Jonathan Shapcott
DOUBLE CUBE by Dave Brill
FISH MODULE by Francis Ow
BABY BIRD by Nick Robinson
ORI-TWIST by Jeff Beynon
ENVELOPE by Paul Jackson
SHIP AHOY by Ted Darwin
KERMIT by Mick Guy

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  1. Err yes. That’s OrigamiUSA exercising their right to stop people displaying images hotlinked from their server. I thought wordpress downloads linked images to my server, but apparently not. I guess that wouldn’t be any better legally, even if the image is mine ;).

    Should work now?

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