Those were the days, my friend

Looking for pictures of David Petty (which proved remarkably elusive), I dug out this old photo of a BOS convention, almost certainly Bristol. Hard to date, since we went there often, but it was a “proper” photo and I’ve been using digital for a while.

Although Eric Joisel was in the photo, Thoki Yenn was the more likely guest, I suspect. I wish I could “do a bladerunner” and scan the image at highest res, then zoom in on one of the badges, but the quality just isn’t there on the photo.

Other likely lads in this snippet are myself, brother Mark below me, Eric J, Brilly, Giles Towning, David Venables and Mick Guy. Mr Petty is, of course, on the left with wife Lillian nearby (not curry monster Jessie Gibbs in the hat).


Mick Dilkes tells me it was April 2002 at the University of Bristol.