Some people feel that origami shouldn’t mix with politics or religion, but we believe that like any art-form, there should be no barriers to how you express yourself through origami. If easily offended or right-wing, please navigate elsewhere! People may not a like a point of view but satire is as old as the hills.

With that in mind, this page will be a gathering point for origami designs related to the POTUS, who is rapidly proving every bit as thin-skinned, egotistical, sexist, right-wing, dangerous and the polar opposite of what a politican should be.

Your submissions are eagerly awaited!

Breaking News, we did it!

Big-boy pants was the call, quickly responded to!

With diagrams by Tony O’Hare

As was a model of the new kid in town, by Kyle Harrington.

Blowing in the wind

With apologies to Robert Zimmerman, here’s an origamic representation of the amazing force of nature that is Donny Trump’s hair-piece. Sorry, his hair. Here’s a short video of it “in action. It’s not the simplest of designs, so some Trumpers may struggle with it, but the end result is worth the effort.

  • Gasp! as the slightest breeze causes a seismic shift
  • Laugh! as you show this to your friends!
  • Weep! as you realise who you have voted in…

The Mexican Wall

You can fold if from a square, as shown, or any rectangle. Clearly, choice of paper size is paramount. Start with the average height of a Mexican (5 feet 4 1/2 inches) and multiply this by 1.23 to obtain the required height of the sheet of paper.

Here is a print-out-and-fold wall flag with which to make your own Mexican Wall. If you voted for Trump (ie. this design is too complex), please refer to the “Simple Mexican Wall” option.

Please send in photos of your attempts to fold the longest wall! It’s gonna be huge!

The Trump Riddle

There is a long and (largely) undocumented history of a puzzle that shows 4 pigs, which can be folded to reveal “one large pig” in the form of the head of a fascist dictator, such as Hitler and Stalin. Even earlier than that, King Louis XVIII was the subject of a similar folded puzzle. (check out an article on the subject) Whilst this biting satire didn’t shorten the war, it allowed the common people to poke fun at hate figures…

Clearly, this needed updating for the modern crisis in America and with the help of the gifted Spanish artist Halle, here it is. trump riddle to download a printable PDF. feel free to share it!


Finally, here are some remarkable origami tributes to the great man!


Origami Donald J Trump Tutorial – Kyle Harrington