Ultrapassando Fronteiras Com O Origami : Bruno Ferraz

Published by Modern Science 180 pages soft cover 18*25 cms ISBN 978-85-7393-630-8

This is an interesting format for a book. It’s essentially a model collection, properly bound, with a colour cover, but published and marketed as a book. There’s an introduction and section on symbols, but the diagrams are still in the original artist’s hand. Some have (Brazilian) text added, some are shaded, others not. To those of us used to the collections published for conventions, this isn’t too odd, but were I to buy this expecting a typical origami book, I’d probably be a little surprised!

The creators featured inside are Andre F. Sánchez Restrepo, Ary Fialho, Boleslaw Gargol, Bruno Ferraz, Francis Ow, Greg Suarez, Hideo Kumayama, Jeremy Shafer, Jorge C. Lucero, Jose Tomás Buitrago, Karla Matos, Lena of the Foldings (whoever she may be!), Mari Kanegae, Mukhopadhyay, Rita Foelker and errr Nick Robinson. It’s an interesting venture and with the increasing availability of “print on demand”, I suspect we may see more of the same in the future. If you can handle the distribution yourself, it’s now possible to produce a professional-looking book without selling your soul to a big publisher. Nic Terry has produced many books using similar tactics and Bruno is already working on a follow-up volume. You can see the contents and buy a copy ($30 including postage) at this site https://brunoferraz.googlepages.com/home