My latest classic (cough) has arrived –  a box containing 25 copies of “World’s Best Origami” has been dragged thorough the wind and rain to finally arrive at Seaview. It’s always a nervous moment, flicking through a book when you completed the artwork nearly six months previously. My first instinct is “what have the publishers done this time”, but thank Clapton, this one looks good!

I still feel the investment of colour within would have been worthwhile, but then I’m not doing the financial predictions or paying for it.  After 10 minutes perusal, the worst thing I can find is that the leading on the text and the outer margins could both have been reduced a tad. It’s also weird reading credits anywhere other than the start of the book.  I’ll happily settle for both these! As for the title, I tried hard to have it changed, but the publishers are always right 😉

So, all I can say is go out and invest in a copy as soon as possible, remembering to support your local bookshop – yes, you can save a quid or two at Ama$on, but their policies are doing nothing to support authors and are actively killing off independant book shops.

Oh yes, I’m currently “between books”, so if you want one writing or illustrating, please get in touch!

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  1. My copy arrived the other day, hurray! It’s fantastic (even if I *did* have a hand in working on it and it includes the one and only real model I’ve ever created.) The only mistake I can find is that my name is still spelled wrong! So much for our proofreading, eh, Nick?

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