Anyone with half an idea of my own “dish/bowl” creations will identify a close affinity to the work of the late Philip Shen. Indeed, I regularly get disrespected by fellow folders when I unveil another “Shen-like Dish”. However, I plough on, in search of the perfect bowl!

Back in 1993, Philip was in London visting his son, Kish. A meeting was hastily arranged and we were previleged to learn at the hands of the master. All I have from the day are a couple of blurred photos, but I treasure them – it was the first and last time I met my hero. It’s good to know most of those present are still active folders.

(L-R) Larry Hart, Jeff Beynon, Loren Buckley Nick & Daisy Robinson, Paul Jackson, Gillian Buchanan (the latter pair were rumoured to be an item in those days), Gwyneth Radcliffe, Steve Brown, Philip Shen, Edwin Corrie, Tung Ken Lam, Sonoko Strong, Thea Anning, Alfred Dove.

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  1. As another Philip Shen fan who also got to meet him only one time (in Toronto a year before he died), let me say that i enjoy your “Shen-like dishes” and look forward to any new creations.

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