I get several request a week for diagrams or help to locate specific designs. However, one came in today that has be slightly baffled. It goes;

“I wanted to know if you can show me how to make
an origami  of top half
horse, bottom half duck.”

I’m almost convinced it’s a friend winding me up, but have ask for more details, just out of curiosity. Life is rarely dull!

Here’s what this monstrous hybrid might like like, apologies to Katsuta and Sternberg for cross-breeding their designs.

The question is, is it a Hock or a Durse?

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  1. Which makes me think of an American versus a British request for the origami design of an object having booth a bonnet and a pair of boots. The former response desired would be of, perhaps, a pioneer woman; the latter of an odd-looking automobile. A computer geek would respond with a dual-booting computer having a margarine (Blue Bonnet) container on top

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