When I’m submitting proposals for working with the public, health and safety assessments are a typical element. I have a “set text” covering paper-cuts and making sure the nose of any paper planes are suitably blunted, which usually suffices.

However, a recent job highlighted a danger for which I had been blissfully unaware, that of paper bangers. Not the noise, you understand, but the fact that the action of “firing” them requires a violent movement of the arm. Clearly, if some unfortunate child were to walk underneath the arm, it could lead to headaches, concussion, broken (or severed, see right)  limbs or even a slow and lingering death. “Who had approved the use of this dangerous form of origami?” I was asked.

Clearly, I need to take my work more seriously and re-evaluate models I had assumed were non-lethal. Please feel free to use the following list of dangers when you work with the public;

What other dangers can you think of?

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  1. Broken fingernails from repeated creasing (has happened to me)
    RSI from repeated folds (most dangerous with modular origami)
    Loss of fingertip sensitivity due to overuse
    Neck strain due to peering down at the model or the book (has happened to me)
    Eye strain from hard to decipher diagrams or models folded from tiny paper
    Arm strain from throwing paper airplanes too hard without adequate warm up (has happened to me)
    Frustration from not being able to get origami books to lie flat
    Mental anguish over yet another book one must have being published, breaking one’s budget

    Wow, now that I think about it, this is a dangerous hobby. Maybe I should look into BASE jumping or something instead.

  2. I got major earache once because I folded my daughter’s holiday packing list into a Rhino…

  3. I know how to make a great gun with two peices of rolled paper. l I never taught it to kid because guns are not in favor these days……Dorothy Kaplan

  4. folding and creating is dangerous indeed!
    if you don’t particulary prefer action models, you’ll become weak and soon gain overweight from sitting around too much while folding. especially high complex models are unhealthy! after looking into the mirror, you’ll get depression as a result.
    if you survive nevertheless and become famous, you’ll be close to heart attack, when you are haunted by hundreds of enthusiastic folders every day, screaming for diagrams and autographs. you’ll have to quit your job, leave your family and apply for asylum in a pretty unknown country, far away from home.
    if you reached that point, you are close to starvation, since you’ll have to spend all your time on drawing instructions, making videos, writing books and giving interviews, …all for free of course, since your fans love you and origami is supposed to be passed on as a gift*… :o)

    *did you know? “gift” means “poison” in germany

  5. Did you know that “gift” means both poison AND marriage in Swedish?

    I was asked not to teach the ninja star in class because the students were hurting one another…

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