We don’t need no steenking badges…

Apologies for lack of recent news, I’m just recoverering from a nasty attack by a computer virus. Anyway, here’s something good and trivial for you.

I used to collect badges and have many hundreds stashed away in a box with some of those “anti-moisture” bags. The mania died of quite a while ago. However, a recent “tidy” of my drawers unveiled a few more recent origami related badges, so here’s a shot of them, to take you down memory lane.

They are; Sheffield ’96 (I hand-made these), Tanteidan ’95 and ’07 (I actually attended in 08), BOS 25th, OUSA ’97 and one of many Mark Kennedy hand-made & lacquered that I’m proud to own. He must have made thousands over the years and given 90% of them away.