A Dastardly Design?

choccy carI’m working hard on two new books; one is animals / birds / fishes etc, the other is cunningly entitled “things that go” – cars, boats, planes etc. They will be aimed at youngsters, so I’ve been trying hard to find or create car-type designs.

I came up with a “chariot”, then tried to add two chariots together. It needed a third sheet to complete the model and hey presto, some kind of vehicle emerged. It taught it at a recent mini-meeting in Nottingham and as usual, chose the colours I needed least to teach it with. This means that the purples, pinks etc go and the reds and greens are left. The ensuing, somewhat garish, combination reminded me of a cross between a Cadbury’s Twirl bar (I sunk enough of those over the years!) and Dick Dastardly’s car from Wacky Races. What do you think?