What’s my line?

People sometimes complain that I don’t add enough new folding material to this blog. They are not content with reading the *pearls* of wisdom to be gleaned from my every utterance. Some may think all I do is talk about it. I had a fantastic facebook exchange with a young folder, questioning my devotion to the art:

XX    You like origami right?

Nick   errrr yes. Why do you ask?

XX    To make sure. how long have you been folding origami?

Nick   37 years. Next dumb question?

XX      Next dumb question? I can fold everything you can and i have only been folding for 3 years.

Nick    You seem to see it as some kind of competition. To me it’s an art-form that requires a lifetime to master. Having written 40 books on the subject, it’s rather weird to be asked if I like origami. I apologise for my rudeness – I didn’t realise how young you were!

XX    I have mastered it in 3 years. i did not know that you were famous.

I did lose it rather, but asking questions to make sure I like origami? How delightful to have mastered it in only three years 😉 Hmmm! Anyways, I’ve dug up an old design for which the diagrams remained unfinished for many long years, just to prove that I do fold now and again.

It’s highly probable that it’s not original, but what I liked about it was the sequencing. I’m always banging on about how important it is to find a good, flowing sequence, I thought I’d share this as an example. Hopefully, a fairly routine fold becomes fun to do?

ps. Having folded it again to check the diagrams, I realised the final un-opened form will create a modular cube (or, with an extra diagonal, many other forms).