Royal Folding

Early last year I signed up to produce four origami “portfolios”. The work was duly delivered, but the company went very quiet and I suspected they had bit the dust. However, a few liquidations later, they have risen, phoenix-like, to contact me and ask for folded models to finalise the books. Who knows, I may even get paid at some point 😉

So I’ve spent a merry day folding and re-folding the models to post of for “shooting”. One of the projects is “Origami Royalty”, which has proved harder than I’d expected to fulfil. I’d already turned down the offer of writing a complete book on the subject, feeling that the models would necessarily be contrived and unsuited to the beginners market, but for this I only needed 6 designs.

Even so, it required some thought, since the publishers kept rejecting ideas(!). Two that made the grade were a “throne” and “guardsman”, shown here. The latter was inspired by the work of Eric Kenneway, although his solutions came from rectangle and mine is from a square. The throne require quite a lot of refinement to produce a flowing sequence and I almost found one 😉

The book(lets) should be out later this year, no doubt I’ll be plugging them further at that stage.