A Fishy Tail

Many (many) years ago, my good friend Mick Guy showed me an Escher Fish design he had created from a 2×1 rectangle. Clearly, the challenge was there to do the same from a square, which I duly managed to do – diagrams here. It was published in my Origami Bible (the world’s worst selling origami book of all time) and promptly lapsed into hibernation. Or whatever fish do.

“Larken” cannot work out how to make the model all the same colour on the facing side, it’s not too tricky, here’s indication that it can be done. The reason I had it bi-coloured was partly for contrast, partly that the model holds together a little better.

Until, that is, the Frenchman Christophe Boudias requested permission to make an exhibit from it. Unlike some folders, I have no objection if people wish to fold and display my models, indeed I’m honoured. And so it was that he made a long series of fish!