BOS Vcon 2021

I opened the proceedings for the 2021 Spring BOS Vcon, teaching a design by my dear lost friend, Larry Hart. Conventions will never be quite the same without Larry’s smiling face. I followed that with a design of mine called “Boat For Two” – below is a delightful photo of it by Annette Bussmann.

As co-host, I had to not fold in the other classes, but keep an eye on time, comments, sound levels etc. However, I made sure I paid full attention for Michael LaFosse’s class. He is a consummate teacher and I learn so much just by watching him at work. I also learned that the design he taught (a tulip) had some origins in a bowl of mine. I hope I looked suitably modest, but I was “chuffed to bits” as we say in Yorkshire!

I also had a lovely email today:

Hello – I enjoyed your teaching of that model at the BOS Convention. I do think that your style is about the best for beginners and intermediate folders (I have been folding for some time, but am still pretty much – on a very good day – at a slightly advanced intermediate level). Some teachers are just not good for a variety of reasons, but your style and explanations have set a standard – thank you so much for your help.