Freising calling

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been invited to be a special guest at this years origami convention in Freising, Germany. For many years I’ve been lucky enough to count Paulo and Silke as good friends and they have been more than generous to me in the past.

The event takes place on the 10th-12th June and my fellow guest will be the street-artist Stephan Weber. If you have any possibility of attending, I recommend you take it. Check the website out too see what a wonderful venue it is.

Freising is an especially beautiful town just north of Munich, close to the airport, so is handily placed. The convention , as always, is in the amazing Domberg and like everything Paulo does, is sure to be stylish and beautifully presented. I’ll get a chance to see their Origami Galerie and maybe renew m

Nick & Paulo in formal pose – note the absence of grey hairs!

y acquaintance with the odd glass of weissbier. Basically, I can’t wait!

As ever, it will remind me how little effort I’ve put into improving my spoken German, but I ‘m happy to make a fist of it & invent any words I’m not sure about.