Square Planes?

planes book

I’m working on a projected book for an American client. They want it for children, about paper planes (not other flying things) but most importantly, from a square. Now as anyone who has tried to create a plane from a square will tell you, life gets much easier if you “stretch” it to a rectangle.

There’s just something about the extra paper at the end of a rectangle that allows you to create enough weight to drag the darn thing through the air, even if it’s not perfectly balanced.

As I’ve explained to the publishers, if it was so simple to achieve, there would be lots of square flyers out there. The fact is that they are thin on the ground for a good reason.

So, I’m opening this as a challenge to any creative readers. A plane, from a square, simple to fold, that flies at least moderately well. Go for it over Christmas – a free copy of the book, full credit and eternal glory await you!