I recently spotted a long-forgotten folder on my hard drive, containing some diagrams I made many moons ago, using a drawing package called Designworks. In the early 90’s, it was a superb package and I became a beta-tester for them. Dave Mitchell was another exponent. So, I thought I’d reload the diagrams and export them in a more useful format.

That was when I realised the disk which said DWks3.5 actually contained something else! After some frantic emailing round to try and get hold of a copy, I had another search and found the errant CD on top of a shelf, gathering dust. It installed without hassle (displaying a “created for Windows 95” logo) and I’ve managed to convert the files both to a vector format (cgm!) and hi-res jpegs. The old fonts were missing, but that wasn’t an issue. I doubt I’ll ever actually import the vector files into illustrator – I find it far quicker to redraw over a jpg. Anyway.

Looking through these lost models, I recognised some, but others were like a voice not heard since the mid-90s. Much of them are complete tat and will remain unpublished, but others are of pathways I was exploring but move on from. For example, here is a development of my “toad”, resulting in a flat, geometric crittur. I thought this might result in a 60 degree base of some kind, oh but I was so much younger then. I’m older than that now. I’m quite surprised not to be embarrassed by the diagrams, which seem to have stood the test of time after 17 years.

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  1. I remember using an ancient DOS-based program called Animator Pro for 2D animation in the mid-1990s.The program would come on 7 Floppy-disks and you had to keep on replacing the disks to install it! Of course, today Flash makes that program look like an ape. Still, that was my foundation in animation. šŸ™‚

    Your diagrams are of a superior quality, clear, and communicate precise information for each step. You should write an essay on diagramming, or please point me to it if you have all ready done so.

    It would be interesting to hear your voice from the mid-90s because you and John were the only people whose voice I (and many many more, I’m sure) mostly heard in my Origami exploration in the 90s.

  2. I’ve never expounded on diagrammnig, other than the page on this blog (http://nickorigami.com/?page_id=339) – one idea I’ve had is to do a screen capture as I diagram a model and offer it as a youtub video. I can also do a session at a convention, given a laptop (which I don’t own).

    >you and John were the only people whose voice I (and many many more, Iā€™m sure) mostly heard in my Origami exploration in the 90s.

    Not sure where you’re coming from Himanshu! You mean you’d like to know how origami life was when you were in short shorts? Can you clarify?

  3. I mean, when I was in my short shorts and wiping my nose on my sleeves, you and John were the most prominent and influential Ori-authors. It would be interesting to see more of the stuff that you designed then but didn’t publish.

    1. John certainly was, I was only just starting out in publishing the early 90s. As for embarrasing designs, I have plenty to choose from. Will select one suitable for attracting international humiliation.

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