A model in Orison

Those kind people at Origami Sociëteit Nederland have published another of my designs (a witch), this time it’s made the front cover!

Teaching for Tuttle

One of my publishers (Tuttle) has started to run live sessions teaching models from their books. Two of mine have been chosen and I’ll be teaching a fish by the late Stephen Palmer on Sunday 26th September.

Folding Tools

I have a confession to make. For many, many years, I have been somewhat condescending about those who use tools to flatten creases, although I’ve tried not to show it. Part of this was the use of “bone folders”, which as a vegetarian, I found entirely inappropriate – why would you fold with a dead […]


Here’s a model for a forthcoming book, “Origami in Space”. Designed by myself and my good friend Wayne Brown, we’ve done this a few times in the past – 2 heads are indeed better than one. It uses two (or more sheets) and is made in a  few minutes.

Distance learning with the WI

Another fun-packed session with New Swaine Women’s Institute. I’m running many of these at the moment and they are going down really well 😉

Review: Day of the Dead

A curious tale. My younger brother is a fan of “skip-ratting”, checking through to see if anything of interest has been thrown out. He has discovered some extraordinary finds; parts of a spitfire, old blueprints, Edwardian tools, all kinds of things. Recently he spotted a copy of this book (mint condition) and so dutifully passed […]

BOS Vcon 2021

I opened the proceedings for the 2021 Spring BOS Vcon, teaching a design by my dear lost friend, Larry Hart. Conventions will never be quite the same without Larry’s smiling face. I followed that with a design of mine called “Boat For Two” – below is a delightful photo of it by Annette Bussmann. As […]

Space models wanted

I’m starting a book called “Solar System Origami” and am open to any designs you might have on the subject. Please get in touch!

Origami With Love!

My first self-produced book “Origami With Love” is now available in printed or e-book format – full of delightful models with a romantic theme. Go on, treat yourselves

CDO online!

I’ve just finished teaching a model to the CDO, a very attentive and sympathetic audience, who enjoyed seeing a fine example of how not to teach a model – I blame this on my video camera (unexpectedly) mirroring so that the act keeping the paper central reduced my already-limited capacity to think 😉

Diagramming with Illustrator

As requested, a brief run-through of how I use adobe illustrator to create origami diagrams. More details here.

Anyone for Ori-Decals?

I’m looking into producing some origami-themed decals that you can transfer onto many different surfaces, such as windows, laptops, fridges, even guitars! I’d like to know if there is any interest out there for these if I put some together in (for example) a pack of three?

Origags by Morassi

Origags are a series of cartoons produced between ’74 & ’84 by Roberto Morassi and originally published in British Origami. Due to popular demand, they are published on the Internet for the first time. You are strongly advised to read the story behind the gag series before enjoying these classics! Watch each gag on it’s […]


Trumpigami Some people feel that origami shouldn’t mix with politics or religion, but we believe that like any art-form, there should be no barriers to how you express yourself through origami. If easily offended or right-wing, please navigate elsewhere! People may not a like a point of view but satire is as old as the […]